expand your catering business.
reduce your workload.
You get more catering orders. We give you control at every step.
Up to 10x your sales revenues in 6 months
Hours of time saved every week by eradicating manual tasks
Reduced stress and smarter working, with all the information you need
Join our global family...
Unlock your catering sales with Spoonfed's online ordering
Setup an online ordering platform in minutes to bring orders in while you handle other tasks. Tailor it with brand colors and images to create a seamless journey for customers
"Spoonfed has been an integral part in the foundation of our catering department. Spoonfed not only creates a seamless order process for our clients but it also sets our restaurants up for successful execution & delivery."

Jessica Fetner, Catering Operations Manager, Parm
Cut out catering stress through Spoonfed's automation
Eradicate errors in the transfer of data and avoid admin by allowing order information to pass through Spoonfed's system automatically. 
"Spoonfed has been a life saver!  We have really streamlined our communication and operations utilizing the tools that Spoonfed offers!  Because of this, we are currently 50% over prior years sales."

Nichole Latiolais, Gusto Farm to Street
See and react to the things that matter with live reporting
A clear view of menu and customer statistics updated in real-time, providing actionable information. Find out what sells well, which menus to drop and which customers might need a reminder or discount code
"Spoonfed has given us real data & reporting to use and helps us make decisions to continually improve the service and offer to our customers.”

Rory McEntee, Head of Marketing, Benugo
Save time with system integration
Share data instantaneously with your payment processing, accounting, invoicing, marketing and delivery softwares. Save time with the automatic transfer of information and avoid the risk of manual errors
"Spoonfed is a go-to portal with all the necessary tools to manage our catering orders from start to finish. Sales reports, payment requests, quotes and BEOs are all automated from the initial moment the order is entered into the system. Their effortless process creates efficiency for our catering team, our chefs, and our guests."

Amy Molina, Catering & Events Manager, Founding Farmers
Handle multiple locations in one place with Multi-Site
Spoonfed's ensures that caterers operating from several locations will automatically have new orders allocated to the correct site using geolocation.
“Spoonfed has made our catering system for our multiple locations incredibly efficient. This has saved time for our team and created a more welcoming and hospitable experience for our guests!"

Jake Bruneau-Richardson, Flour Bakery
Case Studies
Social Bite operated a paper and spreadsheet based system for corporate catering - it was clunky and unreliable. Inefficiency and inaccuracy damaged their reputation and made growth hard, with some customers receiving late or incorrect orders. 

Six months after starting with Spoonfed, revenues were up 10x. Their average order value rose by 25% during this period, with automation and efficiencies making further growth possible.

“Within the space of 6 months Spoonfed completely transformed our business – corporate catering has become our biggest revenue generator by far. To put figures on that, we increased our corporate catering revenue from $10,000 per month to over $100,000 per month, with a 25% increase in average order value and we still have a lot more room for growth.”
Charlotte Turner
Head of Organisational Development
An Elior education site had a manual system for catering, with multiple ways of storing information and no automated connection between them. They struggled to provide the service and delivery levels they wanted to offer and sales were lower than they could be

Implementing a smooth online ordering site for customers made upselling easy and increased repeat orders, while Spoonfed brought all their systems under one roof.

In 2017 their average order value increased by 52% through the simplicity and effectiveness of the online ordering system and ability to edit orders. In 2018 order values increased by a further 57%
“On arriving at [the site], with Elior, there was a manual system for hospitality and delivered catering, involving Word docs, email, Outlook diary and Excel for billing — over 4 different inputs! I needed to change this.”

“Along came Spoonfed and solved all my problems. One simple input, with edits if required — and all the outputs we needed — allowing us to concentrate on service and delivery."

Case Study protected by NDA
"We ran our own catering company and struggled with all the usual challenges: orders going to the wrong location; items missing or not what was asked; challenges with payment and invoicing; multiple manual processes and no simple way of seeing our performance."

"We developed the software that was to become Spoonfed and took control of our catering. Missed or incorrect orders were eradicated; customer preferences were automatically transferred through the system; menu and sales reports were the work of a few clicks."

"We sold our catering business to bring the Spoonfed system to other caterers in 2013 and have been building and developing the system since then."
Willie Biggart, Co-Founder and MD of Spoonfed after owning The Really Delicious Food Company
Questions and Concerns
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
Spoonfed is the ONLY end-to-end software that provides features usually reserved for large retail chains and food service management companies. We have created an end to end software and made this available to SMALL AND LARGE BUSINESSES alike.
Our pricing model frees business from the high percentages paid to 3rd party marketplaces and provides an ROI that helps build your catering revenue and profitability. 
Who are you guys, anyway?
We used to run a catering business ourselves, so we know the stresses involved. There wasn't a software available on the market to help us handle corporate catering, so we built one. Now we're providing our solution to all kinds of caterer around the world.
What exactly are you promising? How can I be sure the system works? 
We provide a system to improve efficiency, increase sales and take the stress out of dropoff catering. Some customer quotes and stats above will show the difference our software makes, but as a guarantee, if you run all your orders through Spoonfed for 3 months and don't see any improvement we'll give you your money back. That's how confident we are. Ts &Cs apply.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 
Spoonfed works across the board internationally, from small independents to retail chains and global food service management companies. The only companies that Spoonfed hasn't worked for are ones that don't commit to it, or that won't promote their catering at all - our software gives you control of your catering, lets customers order online, cuts out waste, and a lot more, but it won't contact people for you and ask them if they're hungry.
How do I present this to my team? 
Spoonfed is a system that will modernize the kitchen, bringing technology into catering that will cut out stress and make their work easier. It is easy to learn and our customers find that they would never want to go back after using it.
How long am I tied in for?
There is no commitment beyond the end of the current month in our standard Terms and Conditions. Because why would you want to leave?! For larger customers, terms can be specifically tailored according to business requirements.
What type of support do you offer? 
Free online chat support is available to all Spoonfed customers. Phone support is also available for a fee. We have a lot of articles explaining every aspect of the software, with instructions on how everything works.
How do I pay for Spoonfed?
You pay for Spoonfed every month. The amount you pay depends on how much you use it, subject to a minimum monthly amount. Contact us for more information about pricing. At the end of each month, we analyze your usage and then bill you. Payment is collected by card, ACH transfer or Direct Debit 7 days after the month end.
What equipment do I need to use Spoonfed?
Just a computer (or tablet), an internet connection, and a printer. That's all. We advise running a fairly up to date browser to make sure you get the best from Spoonfed. As it’s entirely web (or cloud) based, work from your business, home or anywhere you want.
Is my data safe?
Yes. Hosted by one of the world’s leading hosting providers, all Spoonfed data is as safe as it can possibly be with both a primary Data Center and a Backup Center in different locations. And of course you retain ownership of all your Standing, Customer and Order data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
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